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6 Jul

Wrestler Robert “Cowboy Bob” Bradley toured Texas with a midget troupe and held several championship titles during the 1950s and 1960s. He retired from wrestling in 1970 and moved to Las Vegas where he worked as a blackjack dealer.

Robert "Cowboy Bob" Bradley February 11th, 1935– June 24th, 2010

1949 Turner’s Arena Washington


Cuttlefish and Asparagus

6 Jul

For anyone who appreciates the South Park episode HUMANCENTiPAD or the film, The Human Centipede, you’ll shit bricks (hopefully not into someone’s mouth all centipede like) when you see this cute toy for the felines.

Let Your Kitty Chew on $100 - That's how much this feline fun runs.

Found on Etsy from the shop: EcoOdd

I Beewieeve in You!!!

Crazy Cat Lady Action

6 Jul

I have never wanted an action figure before until I saw this! In my opinion, she could be a little more crazy. Where’s the wrinkles, missing teeth, grey hair and must have cat scratches? Alas, she can never compare to the Simpson’s classic Cat Lady. So I’ll settle for the delight it will cause when guests spot this on my bookshelf.

For $17.00, you can have your very own Crazy Cat Lady action figure, complete with furry creatures ready to attack.

Get Me a Cat Lady!


Attack of the 50ft She-Mummy

27 Jun

Look at this Minx! Never heard of Yvette Vickers until today. I was processing some data at work when the words mummy, playmate and 50ft woman jumped off the page.  The horrific tale was featured in a newspaper clipping I had to process.

Wood Paneling never looked better.

So the story goes – Yvette Vickers’ body was found on April 27th in her home. The 82 year old actress and former playboy playmate passed away and her body wend undiscovered for almost a year! Her neighbour noticed Vickers’ landscaping was not being kept up so they took a peak inside and what did they find? A FUCKING MUMMY! Kind of ironic that the cult film darling, now mummy, leaves us with one last horror-hurrah.

Yvette Vickers starred in cult films like Attack of the 50-Foot Woman (1958) and Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959).