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Can’t Seem To Make You Mine

6 Sep

Bettie Page dances to The Seeds


Shit My BFF Mel Says

31 Aug

Pussy of the Day

25 Aug

Um…Best Bathing Suit EVER!

Dino Dub

25 Aug

16bit – Dinosaurs (Official Video)

Brand new video for 16bit ‘Dinosaurs’ released on August 29th on MTA Records.

Do it to yourself.

24 Aug

Now my life is complete after learning how to make chocolate bowls for ice cream. Spray some whip cream on that…yeah….add some sprinkles baby…yeah, mmm that’s good. A cherry on top? Fuck yeah. Oh, now you want me to eat the bowl? I’ll eat the shit outta that bowl.  You know you wanna.  Here’s how:


24 Aug

Thanks Oxford dictionary for allowing this to happen!

Oxford has added words like “sexting,” “retweet” and “mankini” to the dictionary, but removed Cassette Tape!

For those who don’t know what a Cassette Tape is:

Cassette Tape




22 Aug

God’s Away On Business