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F*@% off Frozen Dessert

1 Jun

Everyone knows how much I love my ice cream. Recently I was fooled to believe that what I had purchased was a delicious tub of Breyers cookies n cream, “Ice Cream”. Breyers has failed this dairy snob! Frozen Dessert deserves many F-bombs. I guess class has its cost. Yes – there are classes for ice cream. Breyers being homeless, as far as I am concerned. Thank goodness for the Dairy Farmers of Canada who alerted us dairy lovers. Show your friends that you don’t want 2 scoops of hydrogenated “Frozen Dessert” on Facebook – Join the campaign for real ice cream! 

Next time you are in the “ice cream” aisle, be sure to read the label. Look out for the term “Frozen Dessert.”

While it may look like ice cream – it definitely is not!

Interestingly enough, before being bought by Unilever, Breyers proudly promoted the use of all natural ingredients – 4 to be exact: Milk, Cream, Sugar and Vanilla. Due to cost cuts they scratched all things natural and opted to create dairy imposters made with modified milk ingredients containing edible oil products, Tara gum, Corn syrup and then it’s fluffed to shit with air. NO THANKS! That’s like sucking right from a drugged up, hormone injected, radioactive cow teat.

This video is from 1984 – “Breyers, the all natural ice cream”. Too bad, now when you read their labels you end up crossing your eyes like a lactose intolerant IBS sufferer.

I’ll stick to Toronto’s Film Buff, Dutch Dreams, Ed’s Real Scoop, Marble Slab and of course Haggen Dazs.

Want to know which of your favourite brands are made from real milk? Get the Scoop.

Frozen Dessert is NOT ice cream with Nathaniel Christopher.

You have to read the complaint letter Vancouver Journalist, Nathaniel Christopher mailed to Breyers.

“It’s disgusting. It tastes like frozen ranch dressing. From now on when I’m in the ice cream aisle I’ll have to give the ice cream a double check to ensure that it is, in fact, ice cream.”


The reply from Breyers.


A Fury for Curry.

28 Apr

A twist on iconic British war poster – Keep Calm and Curry On – as seen on Queen West in Toronto outside Babur Indian restaurant.

Down with Doughnuts.

27 Apr

These sweet kicks remind me to check out Little Nicky’s Coffee at Queen West & Peter. If you are a fan of the Exhibition’s Tiny Toms – Little Nicky’s definitely classes up the mini doughnut. PS. I spell *Donut* the Canadian way – Doughnut. Read more on BlogTO.

Photos by Cory VanderPloeg

Taste that Taco

18 Apr

I love me some chocolate taco! Choco Taco made by Klondike is sadly only available in America. Us Canadians can learn to make our own Choco Taco’s from scratch at

Mrs. Fried Chicken

15 Apr

Fried chicken you give me heart disease, but I need you in my kitchen.

Bust the windows out your car for some chicken

The best fried chicken in Toronto, by far,  has to be Chick-N-Joy. Too many times the smell has coaxed me in after work. I get off the streetcar and oh JOY! Fry me up some chicken and fries – LOVE AT FIRST BITE. I’m lucky enough to have this bad boy right at the end of my street.

Chick-N-Joy has been serving loyal customers in Leslieville since 1977. Back in the day the fry shack was known for their “Famous Hamburgers”, as well as fish ‘n chips – but ironically a few years ago, owner Johnny suffered a heart attack. Thus why the menu is now just fried chicken – less work for Johnny.

Always fresh, Maple Leaf delivers never frozen, chicken pieces every second day and the potatoes are hand peeled and cut!

My only vice, I wish the place stayed open later. Chick-N-Joy would make for a perfect hang-over cure!

Monday to Saturday 11AM to 8PM
Sunday 12PM to 6PM

Location: 1483 Queen Street East. (Queen and Coxwell)

*Photography from Blog.TO’s Dawn Becker.

Texans Got Some Balls

18 Mar

Deep Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. WTF. YES!

Photog and food find taken from Taylor Takes a Taste.  Taylor is a food photographer living in Charlotte, NC. He stumbled upon these bad boys while at the State of Fair of Texas.

Arnie Palmer

12 Mar

What would I like a drink of? An Arnie Plamer please. It never fails. Mix that iced tea and lemonade together bitch. Do it like Arnie does. Like a champ. Yeah.

Sharp dressed man. Obviously thinking about mixing lemonade and iced tea.

Good Ol' Half and Half

Braids – Lemonade