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Cuttlefish and Asparagus

6 Jul

For anyone who appreciates the South Park episode HUMANCENTiPAD or the film, The Human Centipede, you’ll shit bricks (hopefully not into someone’s mouth all centipede like) when you see this cute toy for the felines.

Let Your Kitty Chew on $100 - That's how much this feline fun runs.

Found on Etsy from the shop: EcoOdd

I Beewieeve in You!!!


Crazy Cat Lady Action

6 Jul

I have never wanted an action figure before until I saw this! In my opinion, she could be a little more crazy. Where’s the wrinkles, missing teeth, grey hair and must have cat scratches? Alas, she can never compare to the Simpson’s classic Cat Lady. So I’ll settle for the delight it will cause when guests spot this on my bookshelf.

For $17.00, you can have your very own Crazy Cat Lady action figure, complete with furry creatures ready to attack.

Get Me a Cat Lady!


Trashy Captain Planet.

27 Jun

Birds with Arms

27 Jun

This is why people spawn. So a child can be born to eventually grow into the genius behind Memes such as – Birds with Arms.

Cool Deciduous

31 May

The Circle of Life!!!!

4 May

Holding your cat in the air whilst singing songs from The Lion King.

Just wanted to promote this hilarious group found on Facebook. Any cat owner can admit to doing it. I know I have.To join click on the link above – it’s well worth it.

Hedonism Bot

3 May

I apologize for nothing!