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Cuttlefish and Asparagus

6 Jul

For anyone who appreciates the South Park episode HUMANCENTiPAD or the film, The Human Centipede, you’ll shit bricks (hopefully not into someone’s mouth all centipede like) when you see this cute toy for the felines.

Let Your Kitty Chew on $100 - That's how much this feline fun runs.

Found on Etsy from the shop: EcoOdd

I Beewieeve in You!!!


Pretty Planets

1 Jun


31 May

Hoover Building London


31 May

Speak Up.

4 May

Say your favourite poem, quote or word and Bespoken Art will take your voice’s sound wave and convert it into visual form.  My father passed away suddenly and we still have his voice recording on our answering machine, so I want to get this done for my mom.

Step 1. Choose the size, colour and canvas

Step 2. Record and Upload your Sound

Step 3. They print and Ship

Some of my faves:

I Love You

New York City

Scott and Susan


A Fury for Curry.

28 Apr

A twist on iconic British war poster – Keep Calm and Curry On – as seen on Queen West in Toronto outside Babur Indian restaurant.

Uno Moralez

25 Apr