25 May

An ordinary day at the office, became much less ordinary when some packages were delivered. Behind the wrapping was the most fun any two eyes could ever want to have – a red plastic thinga ma jiggy.  Yeah, I knew exactly what it was. Lo and behold, I held in my hands the wondrous Viewmaster.  I now own a VIEWMASTER! The idea of having this as a coffee table conversation piece made me squirm in my pants!

I was already planning out what slides I wanted to collect: Vintage Canadian city slides and of course a few over the border slides showcasing cities and countries I plan to visit. Then the retro obscure and epic:
Family Matters – Steve Urkel The Monster Gift Pak, Meet Jim Henson’s Muppets, Godzilla, JEM, Jesus Turns Water Into Wine, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Hammerman – MC Hammer,   Batman.

This past weekend I got the most wonderful birthday present. For my day of birth I was gifted some slides that I had my eye on – FAT ALBERT! Thanks Simon for the gentlemanly gesture!

Since owning a Viewmaster, I have to keep up with the toy’s culture and news. Turns out studio giants DreamWorks are reportedly chit chatting with Mattel to buy the film rights to the company’s View-Master toy!

Looks like we may see a film adaptation produced by Transformers screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, and the studio has already contacted Fringe writer Brad Caleb Kane to pen the script.
(Tip off from Perez Hilton)

1971 – GAF Viewmaster w/ Jodie Foster and Henry Fonda

The Three Dimensional Pictures are Extraordinary!

1970's Glamour Pin Up Reel

For those looking to add some saucy sights to their Viewmaster collection, check out the site 3D Stereo.


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