The Vast Abyss of the TTC

6 May

Last night on my way home I took in the beautiful sight of a Monk. Yep, straight outta Robin Hood – there was Friar Tuck sitting across from me. He started up a friendly chat with a young lady like myself, and unlike her, I don’t trust so easily. What are the odds that I catch a Friar Tuck look-a-like on the TTC? Seems a little suspicious if you ask me. Right away, in my neurotic mind I’m imagining serial killer monk. Nonetheless, it was very entertaining.

The next morning I entered the most disgusting streetcar I have ever seen. It was the 501 Long Branch. If any TTC communications people see this post – It was the 4218.

Hair net to my left and directly in front of me on the back of a seat, was dried puke. Maybe from a night running as the Vomit Comet?

Not a mouse, nor a plop of poop. Although both are just as gross...a fucking hair net!

Nasty hair net - up close and personal

Vomit Comet Aftermath?

Up close and personal with the dried puke.


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