Food Feats

10 Mar

After the 9-5’er I cook myself up something satisfying and put on the tele. I start shoveling grub into my belly as my favourite show MAN VS FOOD plays on OLN.

It got me wondering if Toronto had any food challenges. Could Toronto’s food feats be as impressive as the Big Badass Burrito Challenge? or the Giant Sasquatch Burger Challenge? All tackled and won by host, Adam Richman.

Badass Burrito Challenge: 6 pounds, 2 feet long!

Sasquatch Burger Challenge

It turns out Toronto does have some challenges up to par with MAN VS FOOD.  I say go forth and conquer!

  • Lone Star Cafe, Downtown Toronto: 72 oz. Steak Challenge! Eat this Sirloin steak with all the trimmings in one hour and it’s free! 24 hour advance order is required.” … $54.99 otherwise.
  • Dangerous Dan’s, Queen East Toronto: A challenge in itself – Quadruple C: “Collosal Colon Clogger Combo” 24oz burger served with a quarter pound of cheese, a quarter pound of bacon, and 2 fried eggs. Also comes with a large shake (flavor of your choice) and a small poutine. Only $ 23.45.
  • Three Monkeys Eatery, Scarborough: Free burger if u finish the Kiloburger within 90 mins.
  • Real Sports Bar & Grill, Toronto: The Hail Mary 67 oz. Steak Challenge. Includes a pound of fries and a pound of cole slaw. Eat it all – it’s free.
  • All Star Wings & Ribs, Toronto:  The All Star Wall of Flame Challenge. 11 wings, 30 minutes.  PS. You need to sign a waiver before attempting to tackle the wings.
  • The Ceili Cottage, Toronto: Oyster Eating Championship is held in July. The winner of the contest will receive a trip to Ireland.
  • Smokes Poutinerie, Toronto: Poutine Eating Contest – held in May.
  • Taste of Asia, Markham: Noodle Eating Contest – held in June.

And now it’s time for…WES VS FOOD! “I’m not looking forward to the after party…if you no what I mean.”


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